I wear a lot of hats, because I've had and still have a number of businesses. I am not a lawyer. I am a consultant, strategist, business owner, writer, boxing manager, world traveler, behind the scenes peace maker, and advisor to attorneys and to families of victims/air tragedies/wrongful deaths. I use some of my experience helping lawyers who want to keep their clients happy, satisfied, and informed. I do this for them in a number of areas. Sometimes I'm the bridge between lawyers, clients and countries. I consult in various aspects of personal injury, wrongful death litigation cases, such as Air Crash Consultants, Crisis Management and Toxic Litigation. I am privileged to advise the senior partners of top US and International law firms.

How did a non-lawyer end up running a management consulting firm for lawyers? I've had a lot of businesses, as I explain here. To make a forty-five year long story short enough to fit in the tail end of this paragraph, I was an independant consultant for Ed Masry from 1967, then writing/developing management programs still in use by some law firms today.

You could call me an entrepreneur in toxic litigation, personal management, and environmental assessment. You can browse through some of my endeavors over on the right.

And if you're wondering about the seagull... I'm fond of that book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a story by Richard Bach. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In and Google.



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