Some of the multidisciplinary project teams developed in the course of George's 45 years supporting lawyers' wrongful death, aviation and environmental litigation.
Air Crash Consultants, a service consultancy providing stratigic litigation support in U.S and International aviation cases aircrash picture
Air Flight Disaster
Breaking news of plane and helicopter accidents and aviation news, including Air France Flight 447, Air India Express, Flight 409, Crash in Sao Paulo, helicoptor accidents and more:
Air Flight Disaster
Air Flight Disaster
Air Disaster Consultants (TM), Life Strategies for Survivors. Providing real world solutions and support after the unthinkable happens. air disaster consultants (TM)
Anonymous Experts (TM), Aviation expert think tank. Pilots, mechanics, aviation professionals, providing an edge. anonymous experts (TM)
George's Bus Train and Trolley
Breaking news of Bus, Train and Trolley accidents, events, news and reports, from across the country and around the world
Bus, Train and Trolley
bus train and trolley
Bye Bye Mold (TM), a mold inspection and mold testing service company, providing scientific answers to the growing problem of fungal contamination of the indoor environment: Bye Bye Mold (TM)
Connecting Lawyers to Lawyers (TM), Providing a matchmaking service between lawyers to get the best results for clients connecting lawyers to lawyers (TM)
Client Managers(TM), ongoing communication, information gathering (and other) services for personal injury attorneys. A division of Wrongful Death Consultants client managers (TM)
Disaster Emergency Living, assisting with disaster and emergency preparedness.
Disaster Emergency Living
Disaster Emergency Living
Evaluair! (TM) What Is In the Air You Breathe? We test your air for all sorts of bad stuff, not just mold. Benzene/BTEX, etc...Find out what's in your air... with the latest technology. evaluair(TM)
L.A. Receivables(TM), purchases medical accounts receivables from doctors who do not want to wait for their money from insurance companies, attorneys etc.
Legal Case Managers(TM),Client Case Management on behalf of attorneys. Gathering information from clients, doing what is necessary to expedite the personal injury or wrongful death case. A division of WrongfulDeath Consultants legal case managers (TM)
Management/Consulting for discreet, multi-faceted promotion of your prestige and career: 
additional information
Management/Consulting--Promoting Your Prestige
Mobile MRI (TM), Los Angeles, CA. Mobile MRI has contracts with over a dozen facilities where patients undergo mri and cat scans with ultra high tech and modern equipment.
Mobile MRI
Mold Reporter, The average person only has fifteen minutes of fame. So why is MOLD in the news every day? Check out the Mold Reporter for what's going on in Mold News
mold reporter
Toxic Consulting, for the realty and law professional requiring prompt quality mold assessments of interior environments: Toxic Consulting--For the Realty and Law Professional
Toxic Litigation Consulting, a legal support team for attorneys handling toxic litigation cases:
Toxic Litigation Consulting
Toxic Team. Let our Toxic Team work for you! We will ferret out the toxins in your environment with the latest technologies. If it is there, we'll find it. Toxicteam--For you
Urgent Care Medical Clinic (TM), Encino, CA. A small urgent care facility open 12/7 handling all non-er medical situations/conditions.
Urgent Care Medical Clinic
World Lawyers Blog (TM),A glimpse from the world view of lawyers working in concert. George Hatcher builds networks while everyone else looks for work.

More Endeavors In Development Coming Soon